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Figure 3

From: Abelson tyrosine kinase links PDGFbeta receptor activation to cytoskeletal regulation of NMDA receptors in CA1 hippocampal neurons

Figure 3

Abl kinase immunoreactivity is decreased in the S2 and S3 fractions after PDGFβ receptor activation. A) Hippocampal slices were treated for 10 minutes with 10 ng/mL PDGF-BB, were homogenized, and S2, S3, and P3 fractions were prepared as described in the methods section. Equal amounts of total protein from each fraction were resolved on SDS gels, transferred to nitrocellulose membranes, and immunoblotted with anti-Abl or anti-PSD-95 antibodies (n = 6). B) PDGF-BB treated fractions were normalized to control for each fractionation sample. Data represent the mean +/- standard error for 6 independent experiments. PDGF-BB treatment significantly decreased Abl kinase immunoreactivity in the S2 and S3 fractions, * p < 0.05, Student's unpaired t-test.

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