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Figure 4

From: Critical involvement of Rho GTPase activity in the efficient transplantation of neural stem cells into the injured spinal cord

Figure 4

Migration pattern of NSPCs expressing DN forms of both Rho and Rac after transplantation into the intact spinal cords. (A) Distribution of the transplanted NSPCs expressing both RhoDN and RacDN at three different levels of the spinal cord. The sections were immunostained with specific markers for oligodendrocytes (RIP), neuronal axons (NF; neurofilament-200 antibody), and astrocytes (GFAP; anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein antibody). Transplanted cells are restricted to the dorsal white matter, where strong immunoreactivity of RIP and NFs was observed. Bar, 100 μm. (B and C) Rostrocaudal distribution of NSPCs expressing GFP (B) and LacZ (C) after spinal cord transplantation detected by immunostaining with anti-GFP antibody (B) or anti-β-galactosidase antibody (C). The dashed lines indicate the border between the white matter and the gray matter. Preferential localization of the immunoreactive cells in the white matter is evident. Bar, 200 μm.

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