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Table 1 Summary of the involvement of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit in synaptic LTP

From: Plasticity of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit in memory and chronic pain

Brain region Pharmacological inhibitors or genetic manipulation Induction protocol Effects on LTP Reference
ACC NR2B antagonist Pairing protocol Reduced Zhao et al., 2005
   Spike-timing protocol Blocked  
   Theta burst stimulation (TBS) blocked  
Perirhinal cortex NR2B antagonist High frequency stimulation (HFS) No effect Massey et al., 2004
Visual cortex NR2B antagonist Pairing protocol blocked Yoshimura et al., 2003
Hippocampal CA1 NR2B overexpression HFS or repetitive stimulation Enhanced Tang et al., 1999
   HFS No effect Liu et al., 2004
  NR2B antagonist Pairing protocol No effect  
   HFS Reduced Berberich et al., 2007
   Pairing protocol Blocked  
   HFS No effect Zhang et al., 2008
   Pairing protocol No effect  
   Spike-timing protocol blocked  
Amygdala NR2B antagonist Pairing protocol Reduced Miwa et al., 2008
Spinal dorsal horn ND ND ND