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Figure 2

From: Geranylgeranyltransferase I is essential for dendritic development of cerebellar Purkinje cells

Figure 2

Up-regulation of GGT promotes dendrite growth and branching of PCs. Cerebellar slices of P11 rats were cultured for 2 days (DIV2) before transfection with pCAG-EYFP either alone or together with HA-GGTβ at the ratio of 1:3, followed by staining with anti-Calbindin antibody at DIV5. A) Shown is a representative PC expressing YFP, which is positively stained with Calbinin antibody. B) Representative images of HA-GGTβ or vehicle plasmid-transfected PCs. C) The number of crossings between PC dendrites and circles at indicated distance from soma is quantified to reflect dendritic branches. D) Total dendrite length between neighboring circles at the interval of 25 μm from soma is quantified. Data are shown as means ± SEM (n = 28 for control; n = 27 for HA-GGTβ). *P < 0.05. Student's t test. Scale bar is 20 μm.

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