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Table 1 List of antibodies used in this study.

From: MATH5 controls the acquisition of multiple retinal cell fates

Antibodies Sources Working dilution Retinal cell markers References
anti-BHLHB5 Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA) 1:1,000 displaced amacrine, GABAergic amacrine, and OFF-cone bipolar cells [16]
anti-BrdU DSHB (Univ. of Iowa) 1:50 cell cycle, S-phase cells [16]
anti-BRN3A Chemicon Intl. (Temecula, CA) 1:400 retinal glanglion cells [32]
anti-BRN3B Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA) 1:2,000 retinal ganglion cells [32]
anti-calbindin 28K Sigma (St. Louis, MO) 1:5,000 horizontal cells, some amacrine cells [33]
anti-calretinin Calbiochem (San Diego, CA) 1:2,000 ganglion and amacrine cells of cholinergic, non-AII and displaced subtypes [3335]
anti-activated caspase-3 R&D Systems (Minneapolis, MN) 1:200 apoptotic cells [36]
anti-CHX10 Exalpha (Watertown, MA) 1:200 progenitors, bipolar cells [37]
anti-GAD65 BD Biosciences (San Jose, CA) 1:200 GABAergic amacrine cells [38]
anti-Goα Upstate (Lake Placid, NY) 1:200 ON-bipolar cells [33]
anti-GFP MBL (Woaburn, MA) or Abcam, (Cambridge, MA) 1:1,000 green fluoresence protein [36]
anti-lacZ DSHB, Univ. of Iowa or Chemicon Intl. (Temecula, CA) 1:500 ß-galactosidase [36]
anti-ISL1/2 DSHB (Univ. of Iowa) 1:400 retinal ganglion, ON-bipolar, and cholinergic amacrine cells [3941]
Anti-Ki67 BD Pharmingen (San Jose, CA) 1:200 cell cycle, all phases [42]
anti-NEUROD1 Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA) 1:500 cone and amacrine cells [15]
anti-NRL Chemicon Intl. (Temecula, CA) 1:1,000 rod photoreceptor cells [43]
anti-p27kip1 BD Biosciences (San Jose, CA) 1:100 Muller cells [44]
anti-phosphorylated histone 3 Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA) 1:400 cell cycle, M-phase [16]
anti-PAX6 DSHB (Univ. of Iowa) 1:200 progenitors, pan-ganglion, and pan-amacrince cells [16, 4547]
anti-PKCα Sigma (St. Louis, MO) 1:5,000 rod bipolar cells [33]
anti-PROX1 Covance (Berkeley, CA) 1:1,000 progenitors, bipolar, horizintal, AII and displaced amacrince cells [48]
anti-recoverin Chemicon Intl. (Temecula, CA) 1:200 Type 2 OFF-cone bipolar, photoreceptor cells [33, 49]
anti-rhodopsin Chemicon Intl. (Temecula, CA) 1:200 Rod photoreceptor cells [50]
anti-RXRγ Santa Cruz Biotech. (Santa Cruz, CA) 1:200 Cone photoreceptor cells [51]
anti-VSX1 Gift from R.L. Chow (Univ. of Victoria, Canada) 1:100 OFF-cone bipolar cells [52, 53]