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Table 6 List of deficiencies showing lethal interactions with Pink1 knockdown

From: Genome-wide screen for modifiers of Parkinson's disease genes in Drosophila

Deficiencies Breakpoints
Df(2L)BSC37 22D2-3;22F1-2
Df(2L)dpp[d14] 22E4-F2;22F3-23A1
Df(2L)C144 22F4-23A1;23C2-4
Df(2L)sc19-8 24C2-8;25C8-9
Df(2L)Exel6011 25C8;25D5
Df(2L)b87e25 34B12-C1;35B10-C1
Df(2L)TW137 36C2-4;37B9-C1
In(2R)bw[VDe2L]Cy[R] h42-h43;42A2-3
Df(2R)M41A4 41A;41A
Df(2R)X1 46C;47A1
Df(2R)CX1 49C1-4;50C23-D2
Df(2R)BSC49 53D9-E1;54B5-10
Df(2R)ED4065 60C8;60E8
Df(2R)Kr10 60F1;60F5
Df(3L)HR119 63C2;63F7
Df(3L)vin5 68A2-3;69A1-3
Df(3L)vin7 68C8-11;69B4-5
Df(3L)W10 75A6-7;75C1-2
Df(3L)ED4978 78D5;79A2
Df(3L)BSC223 79A3;79B3
Df(3R)Exel6144 83A6;83B6
Df(3R)p712 84D4-6;85B6
Df(3R)T-32 86E2-4;87C6-7
Df(3R)DG2 89E1-F4;91B1-B2
Df(3R)Dl-BX12 91F1-2;92D3-6
Df(3R)B81 99D3;3Rt
  1. Above deficiencies, when crossed into the Pink1 knockdown background, significantly reduced the viability of Pink1 knockdown flies (less than five flies eclosed). Deficiencies that display a similar lethal interaction with park knockdown (Table 3) are indicated in bold.