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Figure 4

From: Fetal alcohol exposure leads to abnormal olfactory bulb development and impaired odor discrimination in adult mice

Figure 4

Associative olfactory task performance does not require the hippocampus. (a) Representative images of sham and hippocampal (HPC) lesions. (b) Both sham (n = 8) and HPC (n = 9) mice spent more time digging at the + odor compared to the -odor. (c) Both sham and HPC mice had discrimination indices above chance level. (d) HPC mice did not show habituation of activity levels in the open field. (e,f) HPC mice did not learn the location of a hidden platform in the water maze. (g) Density plots for grouped data showing where mice concentrated their searches for the hidden platform. The color scale represents number of visits.

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