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Figure 1

From: Transplantation of human neural stem/progenitor cells overexpressing galectin-1 improves functional recovery from focal brain ischemia in the mongolian gerbil

Figure 1

Characterization of Gal1 expression after brain ischemia. A: Diagram of intrinsic Gal1 expression before and after brain ischemia. Two representative coordinates of coronal sections, where corresponding functional tests were performed later, were chosen for analysis. Gross anatomy of each brain section was delineated. The density of purple dots corresponds to the intensity and extent of signals from immunohistochemistry using a Gal1-specific antibody. As time passed following ischemia, intrinsic expression of Gal1 was temporarily elevated and then gradually decreased (left to right). B. A representative image of Gal1-immunohistochemisty at day 4 after brain ischemia. (Scale bar: 100 μm). STR, striatum; CTX, cortex; PIA, pia mater. C. Gal1 (green) was expressed in GFAP-positive (purple) astrocytes in the SVZ. Note that Gal1 was also expressed outside of the SVZ (arrowheads) after brain ischemia. (Scale bar: 25 μm). LV, lateral ventricle; CC, corpus callosum; DLC, dorso-lateral corner. D. Most Gal1-positive (green) cells outside the SVZ were proliferating (BrdU-positive, red) astrocytes (GFAP-positive, purple). (Scale bar: 10 μm). D' and D", z-stack images (image of the plane perpendicular to that shown in D).

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