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Figure 2

From: DIP/WISH deficiency enhances synaptic function and performance in the Barnes maze

Figure 2

Absence of DIP/WISH in DIP/WISH-deficient neurons. (A) Absence of DIP/WISH protein in the brain from DIP/WISH-deficient mice. (B) Absence of DIP/WISH protein in the hippocampus from DIP/WISH-deficient mice. Brown (DAB) and blue (hematoxylin and eosin). (C) Comparison of the expression of several proteins in membrane fraction between WT and DIP/WISH-deficient hippocampal neurons. (D) Comparison of the number of spines in cultures of hippocampal neurons between WT and DIP/WISH-deficient mouse. Scale bars indicate 500 μm (B, upper), 50 μm (B, lower) and 5 μm (D).

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