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Figure 8

From: A series of N-terminal epitope tagged Hdh knock-in alleles expressing normal and mutant huntingtin: their application to understanding the effect of increasing the length of normal huntingtin’s polyglutamine stretch on CAG140 mouse model pathogenesis

Figure 8

Co-localization of 3xFlag7Q- and 3xFlag20Q-htt with 140Q-htt in htt inclusions. (A) Confocal images of the Hdh 140Q/3xFlag7Q and Hdh 140Q/3xFlag20Q striatum at 24 months of age. Htt inclusions were detected with MW8 (red), while a Flag antibody was used to detect htt with the normal polyQ stretch. White arrows indicate examples of inclusions that contain the 3xFlag epitope (yellow). Scale bar = 25 μm. (B) The % co-localization between the Flag epitope and htt inclusions (Flag+ MW8+ inclusions/MW8+ inclusions per microscopic field) (n=4 mice of each genotype, mean ± SEM plotted ). Although there appeared to be a trend for slightly increased co-localization of 3xFlag20Q-htt with the MW8+ inclusions at 24 months of age, a significant difference between the two genotypes was not found ( P =0.06).

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