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Figure 5

From: Consolidation of auditory fear memories formed by weak unconditioned stimuli requires NMDA receptor activation and de novo protein synthesis in the striatum

Figure 5

Immunohistochemical analysis of Chloro-APB-induced Fos protein levels after anisomycin infusion into the striatum. (A) Topographical organization of the CP, NAc, Pir and BLA. (B, C) Immunoreactivities to Fos in ACSF (left)- and anisomycin (right)-infused brains illustrate the extents of protein synthesis inhibition by anisomycin. High magnification images of Fos immunoreactivities in the CP (D), NAc (E), the Pir (F), and LA (G) in ACSF- and anisomycin-infused brains. Graphs are quantitative analysis of Fos-immunoreactive cell density. n = 8–10 slices from 3 mice each. ANI, anisomycin; BLA, basolateral amygdala; CeA, central amygdale; CP, caudate putamen; LA, lateral amygdala; NAc, nucleus accumbens; Pir, piriform cortex. Scale bar: 1.0 mm. (B); 0.2 mm (D). ***, P < 0.001.

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