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Figure 8

From: Pharmacological enhancement of mGlu1 metabotropic glutamate receptors causes a prolonged symptomatic benefit in a mouse model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1

Figure 8

Neuroadaptive changes caused by a single injection of Ro0711401 in the cerebellum of SCA1 mice. Levels of total and Ser880-phosphorylated GluA2 subunit of AMPA receptors in the cerebellum of symptomatic SCA1 mice 6 days following a single injection of vehicle or Ro0711401 (10 mg/kg, s.c.) is shown in (A). Densitometric values are means ± S.E.M. of 4–5 mice per group. *p < 0.05 vs. mice treated with vehicle (Student’s t test). t = - 3.192 (total GluA2) and 4.311 (p-GluA2). Spine density in 3–4 dendritic branchlets of Purkinje cells from wild-type or SCA1 mice 6 days after a single injection of vehicle or Ro0711401 is shown in (B), where values are means + S.E.M. of 4 mice per group. The distribution of dendritic spines in relation to their lengths in distal dendrites of Purkinje cells 6 days after a single injection of vehicle or Ro0711401 in symptomatic SCA1 mice or after injection of vehicle in wild-type littermates is shown in (C). The length of 200 spines per mouse was measured. Values are means ± S.E.M. of 5 individual determination for groups. In ( C) spines were identified and measured using Image Pro Plus Software. Representative images and distribution spine analysis are shown. Data are means ± S.E.M. of 4 mice per group. *p < 0.05 (Two-Way ANOVA + Bonferroni’s t tests) as indicated in individual groups of columns. F(13,84) = 87.47.

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