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Table 1 Genotype frequencies

From: Combined analysis of circulating β-endorphin with gene polymorphisms in OPRM1, CACNAD2 and ABCB1 reveals correlation with pain, opioid sensitivity and opioid-related side effects

Gene SNP High responder Normal responder Non responder Control
   N=16 N=44 N=20 N=56
OPRM1 A>G 44% N=7 22% N=8 25% N=5 25% N=14
ABCB1 C>T 32% N=5 27% N=12 25% N=5 34% N=19
CACNA2D2 G>A 0% N=0 27% N=12 30% N=6 25% N=14
  1. Percentage of minor alleles of the OPMR1, ABCB1, and CACNA2D2 genes in high-, normal, non-responders and in control subjects. Due to the low frequency of the GG allele of OPRM1, the minor allele was defined as the combined AG/GG alleles. For further details see Methods and Results.