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Table 2 Representative reports on neurological/psychiatric disorders

From: iPS cell technologies: significance and applications to CNS regeneration and disease

Name of disease Gene responsible Cells responsible for pathogenesis References
   Neurodevelopmental disorders  
Rett syndrome MeCP2, CDK5L5 Neurons, neural precursors [63]
Spinomuscular atrophy SMN1 Motor neurons [49]
Familial dysautonomia IKBKAP Neural crest precursor cells [64]
Fragile X-syndrome FMR1 Neurons [62]
Adrenoleuko- dystrophy ABCD1 Oligodendrocytes [66]
Pelizaeus- Merzbacher disease PLP1 Oligodendrocytes [65]
Dravet syndrome SCN1A Neurons [7072]
   Late-onset neurodegenerative disorders  
Alzheimer’s disease PS1, PS2, APP, sporadic Neurons [52, 53, 58, 100]
Parkinson’s disease α-synuclein, PARKIN, PINK-1, LRRK2 etc. sporadic Dopaminergic neurons [5559, 83, 87]
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis SOD1, TDP43, FUS, C9ORF etc. sporadic Motor neurons, astroglia [4749]
Spinobulbar muscular atrophy Androgen receptor Motor neurons, skeletal muscles [50]
Huntington’s disease HTT Glutamatergic neurons, GABAergic neurons [59, 60]
Machado-Joseph disease ATX3 Glutamatergic neurons [61]
   Psychiatric disorders  
Schizophrenia 22q11.2, sporadic Glutamatergic neurons, GABAergic neurons, dopaminergic neurons, etc. [6769]
  1. Extracted and modified from References [43, 44] and [73].