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Figure 3

From: Comprehensive behavioral study of mGluR3 knockout mice: implication in schizophrenia related endophenotypes

Figure 3

Twenty-four hour home cage monitoring test. Two animals of the same genotype were put in a cage, and their activity was monitored over ~ 7.5-day period. (a) Social interaction activity was represented as the number of particles in the image of the cage as viewed by automatic detection. When the animals were separated, two particles were seen, and when they were together, only one was observed. Social interaction in their home cage was not obviously different between genotypes. (b) The locomotor activity of KO mice was significantly greater than that of WT mice. Each dot indicates the mean per hour. The p-values indicate a genotype effect in the two-way repeated measures ANOVA. Data are given as mean (┬▒SEM).

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