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Table 2 Primers used to create single nucleotide variation in nAChR α6 subunit cDNA

From: Analysis of rare variations reveals roles of amino acid residues in the N-terminal extracellular domain of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) alpha6 subunit in the functional expression of human alpha6*-nAChRs

Sl. no Primer Oligonucleotide sequence (5’ → 3’)
1. hα6(S43P) ctcttccacaaactgtttCctcattacaaccagttc
2. hα6(N46K) ctgttttctcattacaaGcagttcatcaggcctg
3. hα6(D57N) gtggaaaacgtttccAaccctgtcacggtac
4. hα6(R87C) gaaaccaatttgtggctgTgtcacatctggaatgatt
5. hα6(D92E) cgtcacatctggaatgaGtataaattgcgctggg
6. hα6(R96H) ctggaatgattataaattgcActgggatccaatggaatatg
7. hα6(E101K) gcgctgggatccaatgAaatatgatggcattgag
8. hα6(A112V) gactcttcgcgttcctgTagataagatttggaagc
9. hα6(S156R) ccagctatttttaagagGtcctgccctatggatatc
10. hα6(N171K) ctttttcccttttgatcatcaaaaGtgttccctaaaatttggttcctgg
11. hα6(A184D) cctggacgtatgacaaagAtgaaattgatcttctaatc
12. hα6(D199Y) ggatcaaaagtggatatgaatTatttttgggaaaacagtgaatg
13. hα6(N203T) gatatgaatgatttttgggaaaCcagtgaatgggaaatcattgatg
14. hα6(I226T) caaatacaactgttgtgaagagaCatacacagatataacctattc
15. hα6(S233C) gatatacacagatataacctattGtttctacattagaagattgccg
  1. For mutants, the first amino acid (single letter code, numbering begins at the translation start methionine) designates the WT human nAChR hα6 subunit residue that is replaced with the indicated, second amino acid. In the forward primer nucleic acid sequence, capitalization indicates the nucleotide changed from the WT subunit to create the corresponding mutant.