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Figure 4

From: Aggression and social experience: genetic analysis of visual circuit activity in the control of aggressiveness in Drosophila

Figure 4

The effects of chronic visual impairment on fly locomotor activity. (A) Travel distance of flies within 10-min period was measured. No significant difference in locomotion was observed between ninaB1 and wild-type flies or between ninaB1 and rescued flies. Pairs of flies tested: CS, n = 30; ninaB1 Rescue, n = 22; ninaB1, n = 30. (B) Travel distance of eya2 homozygous mutant flies was measured. Compared to that of wild-type or eya2 heterozygous flies, lower locomotor activity was observed in eya2 homozygous mutant flies. Pairs of flies tested: CS, n = 30; eya2/+, n = 29; eya2, n = 26. **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001. Error bars represent SEM.

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