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Figure 8

From: Impairment of autophagy in the central nervous system during lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory stress in mice

Figure 8

Ultrastructure of cortex and hippocampus after chronic LPS-induced inflammatory stress. TEM was performed in LPS-treated and control mice (n = 3 in each group) in cortex (A and B) and in hippocampus (C and D). Low magnification image of cortex (A) showed a regular distribution of axons (ax) and microtubule filament inside. Image d represent magnified region of interest showed in the white square in C. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) marked with white arrow (B and D) carried ribosomes without abnormalities. Mitochondria (mt) have intact cristae, lysosomes (L) were observed and synapses with pre-synaptic vesicles are marked by (*). Five sections in each area (cortex and hippocampus) were observed for each mouse brain.

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