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Table 3 Correlation between autophagic factors and IL-1β levels during chronic LPS -induced inflammatory stress

From: Impairment of autophagy in the central nervous system during lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory stress in mice

  Beclin-1 p62 LC3 II
  rho p rho p rho p
IL-1β 0.88 0.03 - 0.88 0.03 0.88 0.03
  1. Spearman correlations were performed between IL-1β and autophagic parameters measured in the cortex of LPS-treated mice (0.5mg/kg of LPS every 3 days for 3 months). Treatment started at 3 months and mice were sacrificed at 6 months of age (n = 6). In table, rho and p values were indicated. The level of significance was p < 0.05.