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Figure 1

From: Nlrx1 regulates neuronal cell death

Figure 1

Nlrx1 expression in N2A cells. (A) Representative photograph of Immunoblotting of KI, KD, and Sc cells, molecular weight of endogenous Nlrx1 is 108 kDa. In KI cells Nlrx1-GFP is around 130 kDa. (B) Nlrx1 protein expression in KI, KD, and Sc cells, n = 3. (C) Nlrx1 mRNA expression in KI (Nlrx1GFP), KD (shNlrx1), and Sc (Sh Scramble), n = 5. (D) Localization of Nlrx1 protein to mitochondria showing that Nlrx1 co-localized with mitochondria, but not with lysosomes. Photomicrographs of confocal images of cells labeled green for Nlrx1 and stained with mitotracker or lysotracker (red). Overlay showing co-localisation of Nlrx1 and mitotracker or with lysotracker (orange). * p < 0.0001.

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