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Figure 3

From: Nlrx1 regulates neuronal cell death

Figure 3

After rotenone treatment, overexpression of Nlrx1 increases cell viability and shifts cell death to apoptosis rather than necrosis. Flow cytometric analysis of annexin V-PI staining of cells treated with 10 μM rotenone for 24 hours. (A) Representative flow cytometry plots of annexin V/PI stained cells. Annexin V negative PI negative quadrant defines live cells, annexin V positive PI negative defines cells that are at the early apoptotic stages, and annexin positive I positive defines cells that undergo necrosis or in the late apoptotic stages. (B) Quantifications of three independent experiments. (C) Graphical representation of ratios of necrotic/late apoptotic cells to early apoptotic cells, n = 3. * Significantly different from Sc p < 0.01.

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