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Table 1 Summary of experimental conditions and collected tissues

From: Brain transcriptome profiles in mouse model simulating features of post-traumatic stress disorder

Study group (time points) Experimental and control groups (5 mice/group) *Subject mouse strain Aggressor strain Exposure length (days) Post Agg-E length (days)
T5R1 Agg-E_T5R1 C57BL/6 SJL 5 1
  C-ctr_5R1 C57BL/6 SJL 5 1
T5R10 Agg_E_T5R10 C57BL/6 SJL 5 10
  C-ctr_T5R10 C57BL/6 SJL 5 10
T10R1 Agg-E_T10R1 C57BL/6 SJL 10 1
  C-ctr_T10R1 C57BL/6 SJL 10 1
T10R42 Agg-E_T10R42 C57BL/6 SJL 10 42
  C-ctr_T10R42 C57BL/6 SJL 10 42
  1. *collected brain regions: HC: hippocampus, AY: amygdala, MPFC: medial prefrontal cortex, VS: ventral striatum or nucleus accumbens, SE: septal region, ST: corpus striatum.