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Fig. 8

From: Persistent pain alters AMPA receptor subunit levels in the nucleus accumbens

Fig. 8

Persistent inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain increase pSer845-GluA1 levels at NAc synapse. a 7 days post injection, levels of pSer845-GluA1 increased in synaptoneurosome preparations from the NAc in CFA-treated rats. Student’s t-test, n = 6 (Saline); n = 6 (CFA), *p < 0.05. b 7 days post-surgery, levels of pSer845-GluA1 increased at NAc synapses in SNI-treated rats. Student’s t-test, n = 7 (Sham); n = 9 (SNI), *p < 0.05. Data were normalized to values in the control group. Error bars show mean and SEM

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