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Table 1 List of AVP and V1b receptor gene SNP sites

From: AVP modulation of the vestibular nucleus via V1b receptors potentially contributes to the development of motion sickness in rat

AVP gene SNP sites V1b receptor gene SNP sites
rs8175020, rs105049089, rs105235842, rs105342065, rs105406202, rs106248204, rs106280676, rs107234383, rs197835086 rs8174376, rs8174377, rs104934522, rs104972087, rs105131484, rs105281630, rs105361773, rs105397955, rs105426072, rs105440759, rs105623482, rs105762638, rs105845580, rs105862475, rs106031473, rs106081862, rs106100029, rs106125862, rs106220176, rs106257682, rs106366335, rs106372777, rs106473080, rs106531259, rs106595881, rs106658396, rs106778661, rs106795491, rs106849188, rs106924578, rs106967487, rs107136421, rs107203534, rs107214944, rs107222006, rs107252548, rs107371590, rs107406983