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Fig. 2

From: Fluid consumption and taste novelty determines transcription temporal dynamics in the gustatory cortex

Fig. 2

Time from fluid consumption dominantly affects transcription in the gustatory cortex. a Schematic representation of the behavioral paradigm of novel taste learning, in which the animal received familiar taste (water) or novel taste (0.1 % saccharin) and was scarified 1 h or 3 h later. b Heatmap for gene expression. Individual microarray chips cluster by time and not treatment (novel saccharin and familiar water). Heatmap scale: Red- higher expression of transcripts at 1 h compared to 3 h (“Time”. For the same taste comparison) and higher for water compared to saccharin (“Treatment”. For the same time point comparison). Green- higher expression of transcripts at 3 h compared to 1 h (“Time”. For the same taste comparison) and higher for saccharin compared to water (“Treatment”. For the same time point comparison). The red rectangles at the right side mark the transcripts with the highest fold change. c Venn diagram with 4 possible comparisons within and between time points and treatments. More genes are regulated in the 1 to 3 h temporal dynamics than at each pecific time point. n = 4 in each group. Cut-off: p < 0.05, 0.8 ≥ absolute fold change ≥1.25. d Btg2, Dusp6 and Nr4a1 qRT-PCR validation. The Btg2, Nr4a1, and Dusp6 genes were identified as strongly modulated by drinking as described in Fig. 2b, c. These genes were among the 44 genes in the common list of the 1 to 3 h temporal dynamics, following drinking of novel 0.1 % saccharin and water in the GC (n = 4 for all groups; * p < 0.05). e More genes from the common list are differentially modulated in the temporal dynamics of the novel taste group, compared to water group. 32 out of 38 common genes list (for p < 0.0001) have higher fold change values in the novel taste group. Genes with higher fold change in saccharin- red dots; higher fold change in water- blue dots. Genes from MAPK pathway coloured black

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