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Fig. 2

From: RAB18, a protein associated with Warburg Micro syndrome, controls neuronal migration in the developing cerebral cortex

Fig. 2

Loss of RAB18 regulates the radial migration of cortical neurons. a Immunoblot analysis of FLAG-RAB18 expression in HEK293T cells shows that RAB18 shRNA-1, 2, and 3 (shRAB18-1, shRAB18-2 and shRAB18-3) are efficient to knockdown RAB18. b Immunoblot analysis of RAB18 expression in cultured cortical neurons shows that shRAB18-3 is efficient to knockdown endogenous RAB18 and co-transfection with shRAB18-3 and the plasmid expressing RAB18R shows that shRAB18-3 does not apparently reduce RAB18R expression. c Representative coronal section showing migration of transfected neurons 4 d after electroporated at E14.5 with GFP plasmid together with indicated constructs. Scale bar: 100 μm. d Quantification of percentages of GFP positive neurons in different cortical regions. Data represent the mean ± SEM and the regional distribution of GFP positive neurons is quantitatively analyzed in the cerebral cortex from at least three brains. e Magnified images of individual electroporated neurons in intermediate zone. A high percentage of migrating RAB18 knockdown neurons stayed at the multipolar stage (arrowhead). Scale bar: 20 μm. f Quantification of the percentages of neurons with uni/bipolar and multipolar morphology. Error bar indicated the SEM of three different brains. *** p < 0.001 and ** p < 0.01 versus pSUPER; ### p < 0.001, ## p < 0.01 and # p < 0.05 versus shRAB18-3; t test

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