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Fig. 2

From: CHD7 promotes proliferation of neural stem cells mediated by MIF

Fig. 2

Chd7 expression in NSPCs. a, Immunohistochemistry of Chd7-positive cells (red) were co-labeled with nestin (green) in E14.5 mouse brain. b, Immunocytochemistry of neurospheres using Chd7 antibody. cf, Chd7 expression in differentiated neural cells generated from embryonic day 14.5 brain GE-derived neurospheres 5 days after in vitro differentiation. Many Chd7-positive cells were observed in differentiated neurons identified by βIII-tubulin (c), MAP2 and NeuN (d), although a small number of Chd7-positive cells was observed in differentiated glial cell types identified by the following markers: GFAP (e), and CNPase (f). Scale bar; 200 μm (a), 100 μm (b), 50 μm (c, d, e), 20 μm (Enlarged image a, d)

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