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Fig. 4

From: CHD7 promotes proliferation of neural stem cells mediated by MIF

Fig. 4

Analysis of MIF-Chd7 signaling cascade in mouse NSPCs. ac, MIF increases the expression of Pax6 (a), Hes5 (b) and N-myc (c) in NSPCs 24 h after MIF treatment. Each mRNA expression level was normalized against GAPDH mRNA levels, then expressed relative to the normalized value of controls. d, e, Retroviral Pax6 overexpression in NSPCs led to an increase in Chd7 gene (d) and protein (e) 5 days after infection. f, g, Lentiviral CHD7-shRNA expression decreased the gene expression of Hes5 (f) and N-myc (g) in NSPCs 5 days after infection. For the graphs, the data were compiled from three independent experiments. Error bars indicate S.D. values; **P < 0.01 versus control; Student’s t-test

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