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Fig. 5

From: CHD7 promotes proliferation of neural stem cells mediated by MIF

Fig. 5

Decrease of Tbr2-positive cells in Chd7 mutant mouse in the developing cerebral cortex. a, The expression of Tbr2-positive IPCs cells (red) were co-labeled with Ki67 antibody (green) in Chd7 mutant (whi/+) and wild-type (WT) in E14.5 mouse embryonic brain. The nuclei were stained using DAPI (blue). b, The number of Tbr2/Ki67 and Tbr2-positive cells were decreased in Chd7 mutant (whi, n = 5) compared to wild-type (n = 6). Error bars indicate S.D. values; **P < 0.01 versus control; Student’s t-test. Scale bar; 20 μm

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