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Fig. 6

From: CHD7 promotes proliferation of neural stem cells mediated by MIF

Fig. 6

CHD7 signaling cascade in human ES-NSPCs. a, b, Over-expression of CHD7 increases cell proliferation in human ES-NSPCs 5 days after transfection (a). In contrast, CHD7 targeting using lentiviral shRNA significantly reduced human ES-NSPCs growth compared to control shRNA, as assessed using a Cell Titer-Glo Assay Kit 3 days after infection (b). c, Lentiviral MIF-shRNA expression led to a decrease of CHD7 gene expression 2 days after infection. d, PAX6 over-expression in human ES-NSPC led to an increase of CHD7 gene expression 2 days after transfection. e, f, Lentiviral CHD7-shRNA expression decreased the gene expression of N-MYC (e) and HES5 (f) in human ES-NSPC 2 days after infection. Data are representative of three independent experiments. Error bars indicate S.D. values; **P < 0.01 versus control; Student’s t-test

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