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Fig. 2

From: The thalamic mGluR1-PLCβ4 pathway is critical in sleep architecture

Fig. 2

Increased NREM sleep in the PLCβ4−/− mice. a The mean hourly sleep amount are presented as the percentage of sleep time over 1 h for the PLCβ4+/+ (filled circles) and PLCβ4−/− (open circles) mice. The PLCβ4+/+ and PLCβ4−/− mice show a diurnal sleep preference. b The total time spent in each vigilance state during the light and dark phases. The awake (W) amount was reduced, and the NREM (NR) sleep amount was increased in the PLCβ4−/− mice (white bar) compared to the PLCβ4+/+ mice (black bar) during both the light and dark phases. The total amount of REM (R) sleep was increased only during the dark phase in the PLCβ4−/− mice. All of the data from the PLCβ4+/+ (n = 8) and PLCβ4−/− mice (n = 9) are presented as mean ± SEM. *, p < 0.05

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