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Table 4 ASIC expression in the nervous system

From: Expression of acid-sensing ion channels and selection of reference genes in mouse and naked mole rat

  DRG SP CO HC OL CE BS Whole brain
ASIC1 NB (r[28]) NB (r[28]) ISH (m[27], r[58]) NB (r[28])
IHC (m[7])
ISH (m[27, 25], r[58]) IHC (m[7])
NB (r[28], h[25])
ISH (m[27, 25], r[58]), IHC (m[7]) ISH (m[27, 25], IHC (m[7]),
NB (r[28])
NB (r[28]) NB (r[28]), ISH (m[25])
ASIC1a qPCR (h[31, 54], m[14, 54], nmr[14]) qPCR (h[31], m[33]       qPCR (h[31, 54], m[54])
ASIC1b qPCR (m[14, 54], nmr[14])        qPCR (m[54])
ASIC2 NB (r[36]) NB (r[36]) ISH (r[26, 36, 58]) ISH (m[25], r[26, 36, 58]) NB (h[25])
EP (m[11])
ISH (m[25], r[26, 36, 58]) ISH (m[25], r[26, 36]
NB (r[36])
NB (r[36]) NB (r[36]) ISH (m[25])
ASIC2a qPCR (m[14], nmr[14]) qPCR (m[33])       qPCR (h[31])
ASIC2b qPCR (m[14], nmr[14]) qPCR (m[33])       qPCR (h[31])
ASIC3 RT (r[35]), NB (r[36]), qPCR (h[31], r[31], m[14], nmr[14])
WB (r[35])
qPCR (h[31], m[33]) RT (r[35]), WB (r[35]) RT (r[35]),
WB (r[35])
  ISH (r[58])   qPCR (h[31]),
ASIC4   NB (r[36])
ISH (r[36])
ISH (r[36])
RT (r[37])
ISH (r[36])   NB (r[36])
RT (r[37])
NB (r[36]) RT (r[37]) NB (r[36, 37])
  1. Different techniques have been previously used to determine ASIC expression in the nervous system tissues used in this study. Abbreviations used in Table 4 are as follows BS brain stem, CE cerebellum, CO cortex, DRG dorsal root ganglia, EP electrophysiology, HC hippocampus, IHC immunohistochemistry, ISH in situ hybridisation, NB Northern blot, OL olfactory bulb, qPCR quantitative real-time PCR, RT reverse-transcriptase PCR, WB western blot. Species: r rat, h human, m mouse, nmr naked mole rat. Studies listed for ASIC1 and ASIC2 did not differentiate between splice isoforms