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Fig. 2

From: Hypomethylation of intron1 of α-synuclein gene does not correlate with Parkinson’s disease

Fig. 2

Methylation status of SNCA-intron1 does not correlate with α-SYN level. Total α-SYN level was measured for both control (n = 7) and PD (n = 7) groups using western blot analysis. The gel picture shows the level of α-SYN and β-actin in each samples, where C1 to C8 represent controls and P1 to P8 represent the PD subjects respectively. The α-SYN level was compared between both the groups after normalizing it to respective β-actin. No significant difference in α-SYN levels was observed between control and PD using Mann-Whitney t-test (a). Correlation between percentage of demethylation with α-SYN levels for control (b) and PD patients (c) were carried out. The test did not reveal any significant correlation in any group with α-SYN levels. Spearman’s rank correlation analysis was applied in both the groups. n.s. represents non-significant difference

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