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Fig. 4 | Molecular Brain

Fig. 4

From: Neuroligin 3 R451C mutation alters electroencephalography spectral activity in an animal model of autism spectrum disorders

Fig. 4

Sleep-wake episodes in Nlgn3R451C mutant mice. Total number of episodes and the mean episode duration for each vigilance state were compared between WT (n = 7) and Nlgn3R451C mice (KI, n = 7) using student t-test. Episode number of each state and their mean episode duration were separately assessed in the light (a, c, e, g, i, and k) or dark phase (b, d, f, h, j, and l). Nlgn3R451C mutation did not result in significant alteration in the number of episodes (all p >0.45) nor the mean episode duration (all p >0.13) of wake (a to d), NREM (e to h), and REM sleep (i to l) in the light period or the dark period

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