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Fig. 5

From: Neuroligin 3 R451C mutation alters electroencephalography spectral activity in an animal model of autism spectrum disorders

Fig. 5

Power spectral profiles of WT and Nlgn3R451C mutant mice. The power of the individual frequency band (1 Hz bins) was normalized by expressing it as % of the average of total power (1-56 Hz for all epochs). Repeated measure two-way ANOVA using “genotype” and “frequency” as factors revealed significant genotype-frequency interaction for NREM sleep (F = 2.856, p <0.001). The NREM (B) spectral profile of Nlgn3R451C (KI) mice differed significantly between 2-8 Hz from WT mice (WT, n = 7; KI, n = 7; all p <0.05). More specifically, Nlgn3R451C mice had reduced powers between 2-8 Hz during NREM sleep (b) in comparison to WT mice. No significant genotype effect or genotype-frequency interactions were found for wake (a) and REM (c) states

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