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Fig. 6

From: Neuroligin 3 R451C mutation alters electroencephalography spectral activity in an animal model of autism spectrum disorders

Fig. 6

Altered power spectral profiles in Nlgn3R451C mutant mice. The power of the individual frequency band was normalized by expressing it as % of the mean of total power (1-56 Hz for all epochs). The mean normalized power of each 3-h interval (of both days) is displayed over the 24-h period. “Genotype” and “time” were used as factors to examine their effects on delta, theta, alpha, sigma, and beta powers in each behavioural vigilance state (only data with significant genotype effect are displayed here). During wakefulness, Nlgn3R451C (KI) mice exhibited significantly higher sigma (a) and beta (b) powers than WT mice (p <0.05). During NREM sleep, Nlgn3R451C mice showed suppressed delta (c), theta (d), and alpha (e) powers than WT mice (p <0.05). During REM sleep, Nlgn3R451C mice exhibited significantly lower alpha (f) and higher beta (g) powers than WT (p <0.05). No significant interactions between genotype and time were found (all p >0.05)

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