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Table 2 Metabolic pathways implicated in clinical cases of ASD and IBD

From: Modeling environmental risk factors of autism in mice induces IBD-related gut microbial dysbiosis and hyperserotonemia

  Pathway vs. HC Reference
ASD-related pathways LPS/LPS proteins/Bacterial toxins [45]
Steroid hormone biosynthesis [42]
Ion channels/Pores ion channels [59]
Inorganic ion transport and metabolism [60]
Cell motility and secretion [61]
Xylene degradation [63]
Transporters [64]
Dioxin degradation [41]
Electron transfer carriers [65]
IBD-related pathways LPS/LPS proteins/Bacterial toxins [46]
Sulfur metabolism [43]
Glycosaminoglycan degradation [67]
Geraniol degradation [68]
N-Glycan biosynthesis [44]
Benzoate degradation [51]
Ether lipid metabolism [69]
  1. Bold pathways are reported to be altered in both ASD and IBD