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Fig. 5

From: SRF modulates seizure occurrence, activity induced gene transcription and hippocampal circuit reorganization in the mouse pilocarpine epilepsy model

Fig. 5

Spontaneous seizures elicit a gene response in an SRF dependent manner. a After pilocarpine injection, mice were observed for 4 to 6 h per day to collect samples for microarray analysis. Red triangles indicate days at which samples were collected. For SRS samples (+SRS), mice had to be free of an SRS for 3 h, followed by an SRS and hippocampus dissection 1 h later. For control samples, mice were in a chronic epileptic phase, however were free of an SRS for 3 h (−SRS). b Heat-map of all genes upregulated in SRS positive heterozygous mice with ≥2.5 fold induction. Genes depicted in red were affected by SRF deficiency with at least a two-fold change in the fold-induction ratio between control and mutant

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