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Fig. 6

From: A T-type channel-calmodulin complex triggers αCaMKII activation

Fig. 6

GFP-αCaMKII clustering in transfected neurons. Neurons are cotransfected with GFP-αCaMKII and Cav3.1 (unlabeled) and exposed to low [K]o (1.0 mM) or high [K]o (50 mM). a-d A diffuse distribution of αCaMKII-GFP is stable in low [K]o over time (a, b), with high [K]o promoting aggregation of GFP-αCaMKII (c, d). e, f Formation of GFP-αCaMKII aggregates induced by high [K]o is blocked in the presence of mibefradil (1 μM) and Ni2+ (300 μM). g Bar plots of the mean pixel variance of GFP-αCaMKII fluorescence for the tests in (a-f). Values are mean ± SD derived from n = 3 plates with 5–10 ROIs. Scale bars 10 μm.* p < 0.05

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