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Fig. 1

From: Suppression of cortical seizures by optic stimulation of the reticular thalamus in PV-mhChR2-YFP BAC transgenic mice

Fig. 1

Expression of endogenous PV-ChR2-EYFP in the nRT and labeling of the retrograde dye fluorogold that was injected in the S1 region. a ChR2 (green fluorescence) and fluorogold (yellow fluorescence). TC denotes thalamocortical relay neurons. b Enlarged thalamic region that shows cells that were retrogradely labeled with fluorogold in the thalamic region. c Enlarged thalamic region, showing that nRT neuron fibers (green fluorescence) surrounded thalamocortical neurons (fluorogold retrogradely labeled neurons). d Immunostaining of PV in the nRT. e Enlarged nRT region. Endogenous ChR2 was expressed only in the nRT. f Chemical fluorescence stain results of DAPI in the nRT. g Merged image of DAPI, PV, and ChR2

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