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Fig. 5

From: Suppression of cortical seizures by optic stimulation of the reticular thalamus in PV-mhChR2-YFP BAC transgenic mice

Fig. 5

Example of cortical and thalamic seizure activity that was suppressed by nRT stimulation. a Probe and stimulation sites. Optical fiber targeted on the nRT. Multichannel recording electrodes were placed in S1 and VPM&VPL of the thalamus. b In the left panel, cortical and thalamic seizure-like activity was induced by electrical stimulation of the corpus callosum (4 s, 10 Hz, 500 μA) (yellow bar) after applying 4-AP. In the middle panel, light stimulation (blue bar) was applied immediately following electrical stimulation. In the right panel, only electrical stimulation was applied without light stimulation. c Effect of optic stimulation on seizure activity. In the middle panel, sweeps were analyzed every 5 s. Corpus callosum stimulation-induced seizure-like activity was suppressed by 10 s light stimulation (blue mark) after corpus callosum stimulation. In the right panel, seizure activity recovered when light stimulation in the nRT was terminated

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