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Fig. 2

From: General anesthetics protects against cardiac arrest-induced brain injury by inhibiting calcium wave propagation in zebrafish

Fig. 2

Midazolam or ketamine pretreatment inhibits cardiac arrest-induced calcium wave propagation. a-d Time-lapse confocal images showing the lateral view of the brain in live Tg (HuC:GCaMP5) transgenic zebrafish in control (a), CA (b), CA + midazolam (0.5 mM)(c) and CA + ketamine (2.5 mM) pretreatment (d) zebrafish at 7 dpf. 0 s indicating calcium wave onset. MDZ, midazolam. Scale bar: 100 μm. e Occurrence probability of calcium waves in each group (*** P<0.001, chi-square test). Numbers in the histograms represent the number of embryos analyzed in each group

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