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Fig. 4

From: Expression of functional inhibitory neurotransmitter transporters GlyT1, GAT-1, and GAT-3 by astrocytes of inferior colliculus and hippocampus

Fig. 4

GABA-induced transients in IC and HC astrocytes. a: Application of GABA (1 mM) caused an inward current (IGABA (max); EH = −85 mV; a1-2), which was larger in HC astrocytes (a3). b: Similarly, GABA induced a membrane depolarization (ΔEM; b1-2), which was not significantly different between IC and HC astrocytes (b3). Shown are mean values ± SEM. Significance levels in panel a3 and b3 were Šidák corrected for two comparisons (see Methods section)

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