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Fig. 4

From: Identification of lncRNA expression profiles and ceRNA analysis in the spinal cord of morphine-tolerant rats

Fig. 4

ceRNA analyses indicated the potential lncRNA/miRNA/mRNA interactions. a The potential binding target miRNAs of the verified lncRNAs. The red nodes mean down-regulated lncRNAs, the gray nodes mean up-regulated lncRNAs, the blue squares mean down-regulated miRNAs we are interested in, the green squares mean up-regulated miRNA we are interested in, and the pink nodes mean the other miRNAs and mRNAs. b The lncRNA/miRNA/mRNA networks that we are interested in are displayed. The green nodes represent lncRNAs, the yellow pentagons represent miRNAs and the pink nodes represent mRNAs we forecasted

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