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Fig. 2

From: NMDA receptor antagonists attenuate intrathecal morphine-induced pruritus through ERK phosphorylation

Fig. 2

Intrathecal morphine-induced analgesia in mice. a Time course of the effects of intrathecal morphine on morphine-induced analgesia over 2 h post-injection. %MPE was calculated based on tail-flick latency. The %MPE was 0 pre-injection, and the peak was at 30 min post-injection, which is different from the timing of the peak of morphine-induced pruritus. b Dose effect of morphine on AUC calculated based on %MPE. AUC represents the overall analgesic efficacy and increased in a dose-dependent manner. c & d Time course of effects of intrathecal NMDA on %MPE and AUC calculated based on %MPE showed no analgesic effect of NMDA with the dosage ranging from 0.005 nmol to 5 nmol. Error bars represent SEM. *: p<0.05, compared to the NS group

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