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Fig. 5

From: Control of occlusion of middle cerebral artery in perinatal and neonatal mice with magnetic force

Fig. 5

Induction of reversible dMCA occlusion in perinatal mice by SIMPLE. a. Illustration of the location of the magnet and dMCA in (b) and (c). b. MPs (black arrowhead) aggregated in the dMCA (outlined with dashed lines) shortly after 20 min SIMPLE with a low dose of MPs (15 μg/g) in a P3 mouse (~ 2 g). c. The progress of blood reperfusion at different time points (1 s, 15 s, 21 s, 39 s and 45 s) after the magnet (arrow) was removed after 20 min of occlusion. The location of the MP aggregation is indicated with white arrowheads at the different time points. It has been extremely challenging to do time-lapse imaging of brain vasculature of neonatal pups, because their skulls are very soft and we could not use metal bars to do fixation with stereotaxic. The shift usually occurred during imaging. d. The brain dissected from the mouse in c at 24 h after it underwent a 20 min reversible occlusion. a’, inset from (d). Microbleeding was observed in the cerebral cortex

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