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Fig. 4

From: Distribution of Caskin1 protein and phenotypic characterization of its knockout mice using a comprehensive behavioral test battery

Fig. 4

Localization of Caskin1 in the hippocampus and spinal dorsal horn. a Brain and spinal cord sections (30 μm) from wild-type (WT) and Caskin1-KO (KO) were prepared. Triple-staining was performed with anti-Caskin1 (green), anti-synapsin I (magenta) and anti-PSD-95 (blue) antibodies. Arrowheads indicate triple-positive dots of Caskin1, synapsin I and PSD-95, and arrows indicate Caskin1 single positive dots. Regions of high magnification of the white box in upper right of CA1 and spinal dorsal horn are shown in lower, respectively. Scale bars, 10 (upper) and 2 μm (lower). b Percentage of Caskin1 dots with synapse markers (synapsin I and/or PSD-95). Immunofluorescent signals were counted and calculated by use of Imaris software. All values are presented as the mean ± SEM

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