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Fig. 4

From: EriB targeted inhibition of microglia activity attenuates MPP+ induced DA neuron injury through the NF-κB signaling pathway

Fig. 4

EriB protected DA neurons from MPP+ induced neurotoxicity by inhibiting microglia activation. a and b CCK-8 kit detected neuron and microglia cell death with different concentration of EriB and Mpp+. c Immunocytochemical staining for Iba-1 positive cultured microglia after Mpp + and EriB stimuli at 30 min and 60 min. d The relative size of microglia of immunocytochemical staining for Iba-1 positive cell after Mpp + and EriB stimuli. e CCK-8 assay detected neuron death after microglia supernatant stimuli. Scale bar: 100 μm. *: vs control, #: vs Mpp + group. *&#: P<0.05

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