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Table 3 Antibodies used either in western blot analysis or immunofluorescence imaging

From: Absence of BBSome function leads to astrocyte reactivity in the brain

Antibody Company Dilution
GFAP Abcam 1:5000 western and immunofluorescence
SERPINA3N R&D 1:2000 Western blot
LCN2 Abcam 1:2000 Western blot
SNAP25 Proteintech 1:3000 Western blot
CD68 Abcam 1:1000 Western blot
COMPLEXIN 2 Proteintech 1:2000 Western blot
PSD95 Santa Cruz 1:500 Western blot
IBA1 Abcam 1:1000 western blot and 1:200 Immunofluorescence
TTC8 Sigma 1:500 Western blot
GAPDH Thermofisher 1:30000 western blot
HOMER Santa Cruz 1:500 Western blot
GLUR1 Santa Cruz 1:1000 western blot
VIMENTIN Abcam 1:1000 western and immunofluorescence
BBS2 Santa Cruz 1:200 western blot
BBS3 Proteintech 1:500 western blot
SYP Proteintech 1:1000 western blot
NEUN Abcam 1:1000 western blot and immunofluorescence
STBPX1 Proteintech 1:1000 western blot
VDAC Abcam 1:1000 western blot
IL1β Abcam 1:100 Immunofluorescence