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Fig. 1

From: Fluoxetine-induced dematuration of hippocampal neurons and adult cortical neurogenesis in the common marmoset

Fig. 1

Increased numbers of calretinin-positive cells in the dentate gyrus of fluoxetine-treated marmosets. a Experimental time line of this study. b Representative images of calretinin-positive (CR+) cells in the dentate gyrus (DG) of control (left) and fluoxetine (FLX)-treated marmosets (right). Arrowheads indicate CR+ cells at the base of the granule cell layer (GCL). Asterisks indicate CR+ cells located within the GCL. c Quantification of the numbers of CR+ cells. d Images of calbindin-positive (CB+) cells in the DG of control (left) and FLX-treated marmosets (right). e Quantification of CB fluorescence intensity in the DG

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